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    Through Network Managed Services, we can take full responsibility for your network and related devices, including planning, design and implementation, day-to-day operations and maintenance.

    We can provide you with a team of certified & skilled engineers so you can benefit from 24-hour monitoring that’s more comprehensive and cost-effective than an onsite IT staff. Our trained & certified engineers can watch over your network such as every workstation, server, and firewall— anything with an IP address— regardless of location.

    Managed WAN

    We provide managed WAN services for number of enterprises including banks. We can at once both simplify and optimize your nationwide dispersed network connections, providing your organization with customized solutions such as;

    • Managed Point-to-Point
    • Managed IP-VPN
    • Managed WAN Acceleration

    This service will allow you to keep your existing infrastructure while outsourcing the management of that network to experts whose primary goal is to eliminate your downtime.

    Managed Router & Switch

    We provide configuration, management, and maintenance of your routers or switches including stackable, chassis, stand-alone or distributed. Building from best-of-breed hardware, we ensure that you are afforded with the industry standard in security and reliability. Our industry-certified engineers have the hands-on experience with complex routing structures necessary to proactively manage your routers, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    Managed Firewall

    Whether its legacy or next generation firewall, our managed service will deliver a first line of defense against threats as our security specialists take care of configuration, set-up and the ongoing day-to-day management of your firewall. With the proliferation of mobile devices and focus on security in the cloud, we not only provide technical assistance to set up your firewall but also manage Next-Gen Firewall with the certified expertise to support your business with proactive, real-time firewall management and monitoring, helping you to better allocate your time and resources elsewhere.

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